Reviewed by: Alyssa Gentzyel

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice directed by Paul Mazursky starts off with married couple Bob and Carol spending a weekend at the “Institute,” a self-help group focusing on feelings and sexual freedom. When the couple gets back they focus on their true feelings and share their new knowledge with their close friends Ted and Alice. After one husband shares that he had an affair when he was away, things between their friend group begins to get interesting. To create new experiences, Alice suggests something different the group should try, after this, the friend group figures out what they truly want.


Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is a horrible movie with no purpose. While watching the movie, it didn’t feel like it had any plot line and there was no point trying to get across in the film. The film continued to go on, showing issues between the couples. Bob (played by Robert Culp) and Carol (played by Natalie Wood) were a married couple who focused on feelings. The acting in this movie between the characters was a little unrealistic. I wasn’t sold on the idea that they were truly in love with each other. They were open with each other, having affairs, and did not get upset with each other, which for a married couple would not be acceptable. Ted (played by Elliott Gould) and Alice (played by Dyan Cannon) on the other hand seemed much into their relationship. Dyan Cannon did a great job of playing the concerned friend with all the events that occurred. She was fully trusting of her friends and husband. Carol played the role which some men would say would be the perfect wife. She didn’t care what her husband did, if he was honest with her. She was very lenient and didn’t get upset when he did something wrong. Alice on the other hand played the role as a normal wife. She was upset when she heard what had happened and trusted that her husband would never do anything wrong.


This film was labeled as a Romantic Comedy but to be honest I didn’t find it very funny. I felt more awkward watching it than anything.  The director probably intended for it to be awkward, but I wasn’t a fan.  This movie had a few funny parts that made you laugh just like any movie but it didn’t have enough comedy to call it a romantic comedy. The awkwardness of the film could make you giggle but was very uncomfortable to watch.  There are many movies without a purpose but this one was not made very well. There are many other movies that are more interesting than this one.

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was not a very good movie. You are not missing anything if you decide not to watch this film, except for some weird marriages and a lot of uncomfortable sex scenes and references. This movie is very dry and had me losing interest off and on. It seemed there was no true point to the movie and therefore was not very predictable.  There are better movies in theaters that would be more enjoyable and worth your time than this one.