Reviewed by: Alyssa Gentzyel

Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, is a jaw dropping, seat clenching movie that will have you entertained, a little scared, and maybe a little disgusted. Jaws is about a great white shark who lingers around the shores on a beach in Martha’s Vineyard during the busiest time of the year. This shark attacks innocent people and disturbs their fourth of July, until a sheriff and a biologist hunt down the shark and save the summer.


This film has a really good plot line, though some might say it is a little predictable. The idea of having a massive beast terrorizing the people make for a great film. Jaws will have you on the edge of your seat the whole movie. It received a rating of PG but honestly should be at least PG-13 (if PG-13 had existed in 1975). There are many scenes that would not be acceptable for a kid to watch, this is considered a horror film. For example, there are many gory scenes of people being eaten and bitten by the shark and in one scene a kid is killed. Along with gory scenes there are a few times where this film will have you jump back in your seat and have you scared, may be a little too scary for a child.

This movie did an iconic job of changing the way we see movies. This is the first time a movie like this has been seen in theaters. A horror movie that could be a little realistic. Some might say it is realistic because the fear of a shark is something many people face.

The actors in this movie do a spectacular job. There are many scenes where they must pretend to be scared and many gory parts where they react as if it was real. Although the shark was mechanical in this movie the film crew did a great job of showing angles of the shark that make it look very realistic. There are a few times where the shark might look a little unrealistic for example, when the shark is trying to get on the boat, but in general it looks very real.


This movie has very distinct music that signal when the shark is near. The “da dum, da dum” orchestra starts out really slow and increases intensity as the shark gets closer to people. This music was good because you could tell when the shark was close when you couldn’t actually see the shark in the shot. The mechanical shark reportedly had many issues on set. In many cases it wouldn’t work properly, so to solve this issue the camera crew and director got creative and would use the camera as if it was the shark swimming towards the people. This was creative because it gave you another perspective of the shark rather than just showing it.

Overall this is a great thrill movie. It is very entertaining and will keep you on your feet. I don’t recommend this movie to young teens or children. There are many gory scenes and scary content that could leave them scared or traumatized. This movie will have you wondering what’s going to happen next and leave you pondering if they will ever catch this killer beast. This movie would be best enjoyed by teens and young adults but overall was a good movie, I recommend going to see Jaws as it will not leave you disappointed.