Reviewed by: Alyssa Gentzyel

The Graduate by Mike Nichols can be described as a never ending romantic comedy. This movie is about a boy from an upper middle class family who has just completed his undergrad. Benjamin returns home to an unwanted graduation party celebrating his hard work. This un-wanted party leads to Mrs. Robinson finding him alone in his room, insisting that Benjamin take him home. Benjamin takes her home and that’s when his life starts to change. Benjamin must decide what he wants in life, weather its Mrs. Robinson, her daughter or nobody.


The acting in this movie is mediocre, the main character played by Dustin Hoffman was very awkward throughout the movie, making it a little cheesy and un-realistic. His acting was very good if the director was going for the young awkward theme.  The movie’s plot line was a typical sex and humorous love story with a few unexpected twists.  This movie has you thinking you know what’s happening next, and takes a turn making it very unpredictable.  This romantic comedy shows how Benjamin has always loved one person but couldn’t have it and found himself settling for the next closest thing. Throughout the movie he finds himself being torn between two options while being told different things from different people, making his decisions very difficult. The plot line, being with one person and falling for the daughter is far-fetched if you ask me, but it works in this Romantic comedy because it is portrayed in a funny manner.

This movie played different parts of the same song all throughout the movie to show the different emotions of what is going on. This song will get very annoying trough out the movie, but at least it’s a decent, well known song. The use of the same song is something that you don’t normally see in movies, therefore it makes it stand out compared to other movies.


This movie is great if you enjoy awkward humor, along with sex and a little bit of romance. This movie received a rating of PG but should only be watched by mature audiences as some of the language used in the movie might be in appropriate for children, for example talking about sex and other adult subjects.  The movie is a typically love story between a boy being with the wrong girl, and falling for another girl. It’s very unpredictable and a decent romantic comedy. This movie was ok and I would say go see it if you want to, but you really are not missing much if you decide to spend your money on a different movie.