The movie “Jaws”, directed by Steven Spielberg is a frightening and suspenseful film from its time. It sets in a fear that many people have, shark attacks. This thrilling film is about a giant great white shark that terrorizes a small beach town. The great white is hunted down by an unlikely group of three men, one a crazed sea captain, a police chief, and a marine biologist. “Jaws” is a great movie for most ages and is highly recommended.

The mechanical shark, also known as Jaws is the main star of this movie. Although the shark may not be seen very often, it still has the biggest role. Everything revolves around the shark, the happiness, fear, and sorrow people in this movie feel. It brings such fear to people that they refuse to go near the water, which was very uncommon for this town. So many things in these people’s lives have changed because of this brutal shark. The shark’s appearance was for the most part very realistic. A scene where the appearance gets a little shaky is when the ship the three men were on is starting to sink and the shark is up on the back of the boat trying to get to the men.

The police chief, Brody, played by Roy Scheider is just like an ole average person. He is scared of water, and does not swim. He is easier to identify with than the other two main men in this movie. This is because he actually shows the true fear that one would have when having to encounter a giant shark and help the town get back to normal again. An iconic scene when this happens is when he sees the giant shark in scale to the boat and then says, “I think we need a bigger boat.” That line can relate with anyone, because no doubt when someone sees something like that I would think that would be a normal and respectable response.

Robert Shaw who plays Quint is a shark obsessed sea captain that lets this shark hunt go way to his head. He has a dry and cheerful type of personality, but is serious when he needs to be. His dry and serious personality came out when he was talking about how his submarine got taken out and his whole team were just sitting ducks for sharks to pick off. Quint got very carried away with this shark hunt. This can be seen in the scene when Brody tries to call for help once they have seen how big the shark is and Quint smashes the radio leaving them stranded. I feel he does this because of when he was stranded in the water with all those men and was just waiting to see his fate. In a way it shows his PTSD with that experience.

Richard Dreyfuss who plays Matt Hooper the marine biologist is a very work orientated and scholarly person. He knows what he is talking about, but tried not to step on people’s toes until he has no choice. Hooper sets the fear into the community by proving that the shark killed by some fisherman was not the shark that was terrorizing the beaches. He teams up well with Brody, but not so much with Quint. They seem to hit heads when it comes to ethics and ways to catch the shark.