Taxi Driver, director Martin Scorsese is about a taxi driver named Travis Bickle that wants to clean up the streets of Manhattan. This film is geared towards a more mature audience due to the violence and sexual content in it.

Travis an awkward cab driver, who is played by Robert De Niro is a war veteran that shows various signs of PTSD throughout the movie. He also has insomnia, which is why he takes the night shifts to drive the taxi. Another thing about him is that he has very strong right and wrong options about the world. When the movie starts Travis is standing in a taxi cab garage getting a job and you could tell just from that one scene he seemed a little off. He starts to spiral downward once he gets rejected by Betsy (Cybill Shepard). With each rejection he changes and so does his haircut.

His violence escalades once he purchases the many guns from the gun-runner. After this a well-known scene happens where Travis is practicing pulling his guns and he says, “You talking to me?” His PTSD shows in the movie in that scene and also throughout the movie in the way he carries himself. He never is able to get very close with anyone and when he is getting to that point he finds a way to mess it up. He does not pick up on social ques very well. An example of this would be in the scene when he takes Betsy on a date to a porn movie. Then he does not understand why she got upset and left.

I thought the ending was strange because after the shoot-out it seems like it should have end there, but it didn’t. Instead it went on to announce Travis was in a coma and also a hero for saving Iris from her pimp. Then went on to end with Betsy getting into his cab telling him how she read about him in the paper. This ending scene is odd for many because it is hard to tell if Travis was having a dream or it was real life. I think that it was real life just by some of the lines that were said, like how she read about him in the paper. Also, I feel that the movie ended that way so we could come back to Betsy, who rejected Travis and have him reject her to give him another sense of pride back. His appearance also changes gradually throughout the movie, but then at the end goes back to how he looked at the beginning. I feel like the ending it gave could have something to do with his changing appearance as well. This is because his appearance got more rugged and intimidating as the movie went on, but at the end he was back to his normal looking self he was at the beginning. It is almost as if they were telling us that he is fully ok again and back to who he used to be before things spiraled out of control.